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Feb, 2020

Lake Station Little League

As the District Administrator for Little League Indiana District One, I would like to take a few moments to correct some dis-information and clarify the status of Lake Station Little League and the future of its player’s and volunteers.
Lake Station Little League was established and has been a respected, successful, chartered Little League program in Northwest Indiana since 1953.
Effective February 4, 2020, Lake Station Little League ceased operation as a Little League program. The growing disinterest in volunteer participation from the members in the community over recent years, and a lack of commitment this season from the local municipality entities to maintain the fields owned by the City and used by Lake Station Little League, the lack of commitment to operate concessions, (Just to clarify - The Park/City is NOT now or ever been in the position of responsibility for Lake Station Little League’s operations, or to run or take over the League or its future operations – Lake Station Little League is an autonomous governing body Chartered with Little League), has forced the Board of Directors to make this corporate decision. The dedication, commitment, drive and desire required to sustain a successful Little League program for the citizens and youth of Lake Station cannot be maintained by one or two individuals trying to carry the torch for Character, Courage and Loyalty.
Lake Station Little League’s boundaries will be submitted for distribution and coverage to the contiguous District One leagues later this week to ensure continuity of Little League play availability to the players and volunteers of Lake Station, New Chicago, and ALL who were previously covered under Lake Station Little League’s former boundaries. Once the new boundaries have been drawn, they will be offered to be posted on Lake Station Little League Facebook, social media from/for the Leagues who will be absorbing said boundaries, and both the Indiana District One website and Facebook page.
Let me repeat - Lake Station, New Chicago and all players/volunteers covered under Lake Station Little League’s former boundaries will indeed be able to play Little League this season!
I would also like to make very clear, despite the previous post from the park, Lake Station Little League is not “taking a year off” to come back re-charged and refreshed in 2021. The League has ceased operations. Going forward, IF there were interest next season to Charter a Little League program in Lake Station, the party requesting a charter would need to seek release of boundaries from the leagues who are absorbing Lake Station’s current boundaries and start the Charter program with Little League from scratch.
Despite postings to the contrary, and links from other programs popping up offering homes to players, the demise of Lake Station Little League does NOT allow a player to sign up to play with whatever league they wish to play. Once the boundaries have been publicized, folks interested in continued participation in one of these fine Little League programs may contact the local league servicing your player, or feel free to contact the District Administrator.
Thank you for your patience as we work through this change in boundary coverage for all the folks in Lake Station Little League’s former boundaries.
Thank you for your continued support of Little League Baseball and Softball in Northwest Indiana!

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